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Blackfive Can Read!

1. Possibly one of the best books that you can read this summer is Hugh Hewitt's - If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat: Crushing the Democrats in Every Election and Why Your Life Depends on It. Why? It's well written. It's deadly accurate, but not obnoxious or shrill. It is even-keeled and convincing. But the most important reason that you should buy this book is that Hugh includes actions that you can take - simple things really - that could have a huge impact come November. I know you all like to be able to take matters into your own hands, and this book opens up a lot of ideas. One of my favorite chapters is about thinking how/where you spend your money - meaning spend it on businesses in your community that support your own beliefs and goals.

Hugh suggests sending a copy to those sitting on the Bush-Kerry fence. I just bought one for my mom to read. I may send a copy to my sister in law, but she's not on the fence or willing to talk about anything but Kerry's victory.

2. I just finished reading LTC (ret.) Buzz Patterson's newest book - Reckless Disregard. James Joyner didn't like the publisher's description and cut sheets on it. (BTW, R Gardner commented that it was another hate-filled book from the right. Gardner is wrong. There's no hate in the book. He should read it before assuming that he knows what's in it.) James might not read it because he suspects overt partisanship on behalf of the good colonel.

James is correct about that. LTC (ret.) Patterson writes for Human Events - a very conservative media organization. He is partisan. He's partisan because he is passionate about protecting us. He's partisan because he feels this is the most effective way to expose what Carter and Clinton and Kerry have done to America and the military...and what will happen if Kerry wins the presidency. Personally, I think Kerry will be weaker than Carter or Clinton. Imagine that...weaker than Carter. And more sensitive, too!

Essentially, LTC Patterson sets out to prove that Republicans are better on the issues of National Security and Foreign Policy. Buzz is right on the money - partisan or not.

We don't need a sensitive metrosexual in the White House. We need someone who is going to close with the enemy and destroy him.

3. Michelle Malkin was on Dennis Miller last night and was awesome. I watched with my Mother-In-Law and now she wants to read "In Defense of Internment". She's an English teacher at a school where the History Department teaches about the evils of America. She grabbed my copy of the book and started paging through the Myth of the Concentration Camp - which is actually taught at her school, only not as a myth but as something evil that America did...

I will get started on this one next week.