Army Staff Sergeant Jessica Clements - Someone You Should Know Part 2
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Another Group of Sailors for the Truth!!!

Chris Roach of AFF's Brainwash - Man-Sized Target (blogroll it if you haven't yet) sent the link for the following informative site:

Pleasure Boat Captains For Truth. Here's a taste:

"George W. Bush says he gave up drinking in 1986. That's a lie. I remember a night back in 1980 when he gave up drinking, after only three or four beers. I asked if everything was okay, and he nodded. Another lie, because then he threw up all over the deck. When I asked him to help clean it up the next morning, he started crying so hard that I figured, just forget it."

--Wilbur Buckley, Skipper, S.S. Xanadu

You just have to check this very informative site out - it has educational topics like "Drunk Girls" and "George Bush in Vietnam". Thanks to Chris for the laugh.