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I was forwarded an email from John Speer. His son, Lance Corporal Joshua Speer, was part of the Marine force that invaded Iraq in 2003. Two weeks after he came home, Corporal Speer was killed in a car accident. That was July 6th, 2003.

When his father went through Joshua's belongings after laying him to rest, he found his journal. On the anniversary of Joshua's death, Mr. Speer wanted to share something...

Two weeks after the invasion, Corporal Speer wrote the following in his journal:

I live and I fight! "for what?" sometimes I don't even know. But one thing that I do know is that the principles and the standards for which the United States stands for must always be preserved for future generations. I am prepared to sacrifice my life, and will do so willingly.

(Signed) Lcpl. Speer
May 2003

Please keep the Speer family in your thoughts and prayers today and remember what we fight for...