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Voting With Your Wallet

While I haven't read Hugh Hewitt's book - "If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat" - I skimmed through a friend's copy. While I'm probably butchering Hugh's intent, I remember skimming a chapter about supporting people with values similar to yours by buying their products, services, etc. (books, too!) - it's about changing your behavior to reflect your beliefs and to make an impact.

Today on Hugh's blog, there was this great reminder:

Michael Moore has sent an "open letter" to the Aladdin Casino and Hotel. I am now a lifetime customer of the Aladdin. Stay at the Aladdin and send a message to Michael Moore. Now, if the hotel's president tells Moore to pound sand, I'll make a special trip over to salute the establishment.

America's Casino: The Aladdin!

I'll be in Las Vegas in January and I'm changing my team's reservations to the Aladdin.

See how easy that is.