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The Real Iraqi Minutemen - True Patriots

Obviously, Michael Moore can't tell the difference between a patriot or hero and a terrorist - especially when he wrote, "The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not 'insurgents' or 'terrorists' or 'The Enemy.' They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow--and they will win.". Below is the story (sent by Jarhead Dad) of two Iraqi patriots, and, in my opinion, the story is a real indicator of the great possibilities of a free Iraq. Two Iraqi soldiers gave their lives to save a crowd of 250 of their fellow citizens. Somebody send this story to Michael Moore and Ted Rall.

Iraqi soldiers' sacrifice in Marine zone saves lives of 250
Story by Cpl. Shawn C. Rhodes

IRAQI NATIONAL GUARD COMPOUND MAHMUDIYAH, Iraq (July 20, 2004) -- The quick reaction of two Iraqi National Guard soldiers cost them their own lives, but saved those of 250 recently.

"The people who did this are against the advancement of Iraq. They are only trying to start violence and cause a nuisance," said Sgt. Ali Al-Hamdani, a spokesman for the Mahmudiyah ING. "These soldiers were very good at their duties. Their sacrifice is necessary for the security of Iraq."

More than 250 Iraqi men had gathered outside the front gates of the compound here during the morning of July 17. Many were interested in joining the newly formed Iraqi National Guard and working to rebuild their country. One terrorist saw this as the best time to strike.

A taxi approached the front gates at 7:45 a.m., according to witnesses. One of the Iraqi soldiers on duty at the gate that morning was Adil Abed, a young man who was planning to be married next week. He would never see his ceremony or his bride-to-be again.

Abed attempted to stop the suspicious taxi. When the driver failed to respond, Abed fired his AK-47 and the driver returned fire with a pistol, hitting Abed.

The soldier's comrade Sadaam Obeeid rushed forward to help his friend when the taxi, packed with explosives, detonated. The blast sent shrapnel and debris a hundred meters in every direction killing the two soldiers, the driver and injuring many of the civilians standing near the gate. The engine block of the taxi landed 80 meters away from the blast. It landed on top of a parked car.

When the confusion caused by the attack died down, the soldiers took time to reflect on what they'd lost a few days later.

"We are very sad. They were our friends and now we've lost them. They were good men," said Deputy Sgt. Thaid Hadiph, an ING soldier from Mahmudiyah. "The sacrifice they made for Iraq will not be forgotten."

The Iraqi solders' actions weren't surprising for the Marines dedicated to training them to take a greater role in security and rooting out terrorism. Lt. Col. Rick Jackson is a 46-year-old from Allendale, N.J. Marine serving as the deputy director of Iraqi Security Forces for 1st Marine Division. He said the actions, while tragic, are telling of the dedication of Iraqis sworn to protect their nation....

The rest of the story talks of Abed and Obeeid's sacrifice.

Sacrifice is something also that Michael Moore and friends know nothing about.

One final note, I have heard directly from two Marines who believe that these Iraqi soldiers are the begining of a true professional and free Iraqi military. I have heard secondhand from others who have emailed me that they have been impressed with the dedication and abilities of the new Iraqi Soldiers.

While the loss of soldiers is terrible, this story gives me great hope for Iraq's future.