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Sudan Rejects Intervention

If you wanted just one indicator of how bad things might be, it's usually grim when a country rejects UN offers of intervention to save lives.

Sudan rejects foreign intervention Tuesday, July 27, 2004 Posted: 1515 GMT (2315 HKT) KHARTOUM, Sudan -- Sudan's Cabinet has condemned the idea of international troops intervening in the troubled Darfur region, saying the country could solve its own problems...

Right now, aid groups are pegging the number of refugees at 2.2 MILLION. The African Union, the European Union, the United Nations and other countries like the U.S. have been rebuffed for attempting to stop the calculated starvation and murder of millions. The only non-military recourse these groups have is sanctions. Sanctions won't save those starving people. In fact, sanctions may make their plight worse.

The military can save those people by providing protection for the aid groups, the medical personnel and the refugees.