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Still Not International Without The French!

Mongolia signs on for a third rotation in Iraq, supplying 130 troops. They are a part of the Polish led multi-national division and have proved themselves - just read the blurb below:

Mongolia Signs on for Another Iraqi Freedom Rotation
By Jim Garamone American Forces Press Service

...Mongolia has had troops in Iraq supporting the Polish-led division since August. Suzanne Ross, the Defense Department's country director for Mongolia, said the Mongolian military has gained "a widespread reputation as being very dependable, very gallant soldiers."

The best-known Mongolian soldier is Sgt. Garbold Azzaya. The noncommissioned officer shot and killed a suicide bomber who was trying to drive a truck onto the Multinational Division's compound in Hillah, Iraq. Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski decorated the sergeant for his actions...

NewsFlash to Max Cleland: Mongolia is NOT a mountain in Georgia. It is, in fact, a FOREIGN COUNTRY!