Newspaper Sues the Maggot

Marine - "...100% Against Kerry"

Frank A. sends this article about the Kerry-Edwards Campaign swinging into high gear:

Newly crowned Kerry storms back on the campaign trail
SCRANTON, United States (AFP) - Riding the wave of his four-day presidential nomination gala, John Kerry hit the campaign trail again, challenging Republicans on their home turf issues of values and national security.
Kerry and his vice presidential running mate, John Edwards, were accompanied by both their families, as well as Hollywood heart throb Ben Affleck -- doing a bit of goodwill stumping.

Earlier, their bus convoy pulled over at a Wendy's fast food restaurant for a photo opportunity lunch that provided an awkward moment.

Spotting a group of US Marines, Kerry, who has made his Vietnam War service a cornerstone of his campaign, went over to chat. The Marines, who all turned out to be staunch Bush reporters, were not impressed.

"He imposed on us and I disagree with him coming over here shaking our hands," one of them told reporters afterwards. "I'm 100 percent against" Kerry, he said. "We support our commander-in-chief 100 percent."...

Of course, they weren't impressed.

Update: Greyhawk has the photo of the meeting and is having a caption contest. I can't believe that Kerry thinks that his posture and attitude will ever lead to a good photo-op...especially, when standing with Marines.

Commenter David has the best line so far "Say, you didn't pick those ribbons up off the White House lawn."

Check it out.