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Kerry's Band of Brothers

I've written a bit about the friends I've made while I was in the military. In fact, my pal, Onion, is getting married soon and I'm a groomsman. I've known him since 1986. Buddha, I've known since 1990. Captain Barnes since 1997. Those are just a few.

Soon, you'll be hearing from me (again) about Chief Steve's adventures in Iraq (Steve was my First Sergeant when I was a Commander).

So, Jarhead Fred writes, "We hear about your 'band of brothers', Matt. You even wrote to that kid in Seattle and said you were a part of his band. So what about Kerry? Why did he only have Veteran support when he started running for president? Why did he only connect with his fellow swift boat sailors when he began his push for the White House? Because he didn't need them then, but he needs them now to prove he was a hero. That's pretty goddamn callous..."

JF got me thinking about this. He didn't mention the Winter Soldier Hearings which might be one reason why Kerry didn't have many friends from the military. If I accused all of my Gulf War comrades of war crimes, I doubt that they want to be grilling hamburgers and drinking beer with me in my backyard. Then again, it's not like you hear about the Daily Kos's Army buddies from when he was in the 3rd Infantry Division. Maybe it's the politics.

Maybe I stayed in touch with my friends because of the length of time I spent in the military. The units that I was a member of were always made up of a tightly knit group of soldiers. I didn't always like every one single of them, but there were a few that I always connected with.

Part of it's my personality. I have a lot of close friends. I don't hang out very much with those I consider acquaintences. My rule is if I can trust you to pick me up at the airport at 2am in the morning on thirty minutes notice, you're a real friend. Period.

Kerry was only in the Navy for four years or so? And he spent only months in his assignments. So, maybe there wasn't time for ties to be made?

I'm sure that some of you vets did not maintain contact with your military friends once your tour was up.

Then, again, maybe John Kerry didn't stay in touch because he isn't the type to maintain relationships...that is, unless you are a woman with a half billion in the bank. Sorry, couldn't help the rich wife joke...

But, seriously, does anyone know of John Kerry maintaining friendships with his band of brothers prior to 2003? Maybe he did...