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Firefighters and Soldiers - Redux


Some points for today that you should be aware of here at Blackfive:

1. The annual Chicago-New York Firefighter baseball game is this weekend. It's a big rivalry. Huge rivalry.
2. I ran into some firefighters from NY at O'Toole's tonight. From the Pride of Midtown...
3. For all of you New Yorkers that read Blackfive, Firefighter Tim Greene from 54 Engine represented you very well and put some (but not all *ahem "me"*) Chicagoans to shame. He's a maniac to be proud of...
4. Tim's brother fought at 73 Easting in the first Gulf War. Hooah!
5. I think that I promised to buy every single NY Firefighter lunch today. Not only am I good for it, I hope they all show up. Tim, get 'em to me.
6. The Chicago firefighters that I know that went to help at ground zero spent months collecting body parts. The NY Firefighters that I know spent months doing their jobs while dealing with a monumental but heroic loss.
7. As a combat Veteran, I feel absolutely humbled to be in the presence of such men. It's just one more reminder of how lucky I am to live in a country where hundreds of men would rush into a doomed building in the hopes of saving just one American. Just one. They would risk everything for you.
8. FDNY drink like fiends so I might not be as "prolific" as usual.

Finally, in the spirit of brotherhood, I was given access to a web site where the FDNY firefighters collected pictures from 9/11 and after. I was told that it would be okay if I used the photos for the right reasons.

But now, I don't think that I should post some of the photos. They are for the inner circle that lost their brothers that awful day. It's for you guys, only. Thank you.

I think that you Blackfive visitors would understand.

God Bless the FDNY!

Update: Tim told me that he wants me to share a few photos. Here is firefighter Tim Greene on September 11th with Towers 4 and 5 in the background - just before they came down.