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Iranians At The Gate

I'm sitting here watching The Amazing Race and surfing during the commercials and lo and behold - captured Iranian Intelligence Officers (with explosives).

Everyone suspected that Iran was interfering with Iraqi sovereignty - that Iranians were taking advantage of the lack of stability (spelled S.A.D.R.).

Via Instapundit, here's the one of the collars of the year:

Iranian Intel Officers Captured in Iraq WASHINGTON — American and Iraqi joint patrols, along with U.S. Special Operations teams, captured two men with explosives in Baghdad on Monday who identified themselves as Iranian intelligence officers, FOX News has confirmed.

Senior officials said it was previously believed that Iran had officers inside Iraq stirring up violence, but this is the first time that self-proclaimed Iranian intelligence agents have been captured within the country.

The Defense officials also confirmed to FOX News that in recent days there has been significant success in tracking down "known bad guys" based on information from local citizens. While those captured aren't from the list of former regime members or from terror leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's network, they are "active" bombers and organizers of recent violence.

The arrest of the two Iranians suspected of attempting to carry out a vehicle bombing has focused new attention on how Tehran is trying to protect its interests in the country it fought for eight years in a devastating war.

So far, Iran is believed to have used money, not guns, to influence Iraq — particularly by spreading wealth among Shiite political factions — while avoiding a direct confrontation with its longtime rival the United States.

Monday's arrests came on the heels of comments by Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari saying some neighboring countries were financing and training terrorists in Iraq, apparently referring to Iran and Syria.

Syrian President Bashar Assad, at the end of a two-day trip to Iran on Monday, said developments in Iraq are "the most important issue" for Syria and other neighbors of Iraq, including Iran.

Iran's powerful former President Hashemi Rafsanjani said Syria, Iran and Turkey should coordinate their policies to prevent the disintegration of Iraq, the Islamic Republic News Agency reported on Monday.

The "conspiracies" being hatched by "Washington and Tel Aviv" against Iraq call for increased "strategic cooperation" between Iran and Syria, Rafsanjani was quoted as saying.

The announcement of the arrests by the Iraqi Interior Ministry was a rare instance tying Iranians to a particular attack...

I think that I wrote this morning that we need more troops to take on Iran and Syria. Well, at least we have proof of the Iranians involvement in Iraq Murder, Inc.

Glenn Reynolds concluded, "...it's also good news that Iraqis are cooperating more on tracking down bombers, something that's likely to increase if this is seen as an Iranian assault on Iraq."

I agree, but I also think it would be good news if our media saw it that way, too. We'll have to see what the headlines bring tomorrow.

Any takers on whether this will make above the fold of the New York Times?

Update 9:40PM CST: Captain Ed of Captain's Quarters has more. I agree with Ed that this may give us cause to have a few Stealth Bombers send a few "messages" to the Iranian government, and I don't seriously believe that we are able to invade Iran (or Syria).

Jeff Quinton of Backcountry Conservative has the definitive blog list of Captured Iranian coverage.