Michael Maggot Moore's Lies Affect the Troops

International Support and the Sudan

For awhile, I have been calling for military intervention in the Sudan. Lately, we've been giving the Sudanese government "one more chance" quite a few times. Of course, the French are against intervention - and that's because they have significant economic interest in the oil fields in the Sudan.

So who would stand with us if it came to military intervention in order to save a million people?

The Brits that's who. They'll send up to 5,000 troops. Australia is considering sending troops, too.

Don't expect a token French force, Russian support or German paratroopers.

We'll probably have some African support along with the British, maybe the Poles, maybe the El Sals, Italians, etc.

But that still won't be international enough for John Kerry and the Democrats.

One final suggestion, at this point, I believe that we must seriously consider who is a "responsible" world member and how to support them.