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History's Greatest Impact Players

John Hawkins of Right Wing News asked 175 Right-Of-Center Bloggers to name their top 20 list of History's Greatest Impact Players - meaning a list of the people that we believe had the biggest impact, positive or negative, on the history of mankind.

Check out John's compiled list.

My list that I submitted is in the extended section.

The list below is not in order of importance or ranked in any way.

1. Johan Gutenberg
2. Jesus Christ
3. Issac Newton
4. Albert Einstein
5. Louis Pasteur
6. George Washington
7. Karl Marx
8. Adam Smith
9. Christopher Columbus
10.William the Conquerer
11.Enrico Fermi
12.Peter the Great
13. Mao Zedong
14. Abraham Lincoln
15. Mohandas Ghandi
16. Muhammad
17. Buddha
18. Adolf Hitler
19. Confucius
20. Ronald Reagan

In hind sight, I would have liked to include Roosevelt, Martin Luther and Constantine. Maybe Khan.