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Help Solve A Murder

Melissa sent me an email to alert me to a special call out to the Blogosphere. Blogger Mark O'Brien's son, Burke, was murdered a year ago. The murder remains unsolved.

Mark started a blog to bring attention to the crime, to gain help in finding the killer(s), and to increase the reward.

The New York Post recently featured an article about Burke and Mark's quest to find the killer(s).

Here's where you can help. NYPD 24/7 is featuring the story TONIGHT - go here for times and channels (ABC).

Please spread the word and get as many people as you can to watch it. The more people who know about this case, the more eyes and ears Mark will have to help bring the killers to justice. As Melissa wrote to me, "The only real hope of solving this case is someone coming forward with new information. And you just never know where it will come from."

Melissa also pointed a link to Michele at A Small Victory who has a post about it.

Update: The toughest part of watching this show, for me, was the detective talking to Mark about how the identifcation of Burke's remains will occur. Not only was it tough for Mark, but it obviously affected the detective as well. I sure hope they catch the killer.