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Soon To Win The Darwin Award - Thief Robs Home Of Marine KIA

John Donovan has the scoop on a thief that robbed a Marine KIA's house DURING THE FUNERAL.

I sincerely hope that he is walking around in the Marine's utilities and some Devil Dog catches up with him.

Home of Marine killed in Iraq robbed during funeral
Associated Press

BRIDGEPORT, Pa. — The apartment of a Marine reservist killed in Iraq was robbed this week while family members were preparing for his funeral, police said. Cpl. John Todd, 25, was killed last month when a roadside bomb exploded. Two other Marines were also killed in the attack.

Todd’s family was getting ready for his funeral on Wednesday when a thief, who apparently was aware of the funeral, broke into Todd’s apartment, ransacked it and stole his computer, police said.

Police in Bridgeport said the theft remained under investigation Thursday.

I hope some Pennsylvania Marines catch up with this guy before the police do...

Update: Joe Foo' The Marine comments that they already caught the guys. Too bad some Marines didn't get to them first...