Media Still Doesn't Understand the Military
"If you're with the news, I don't want to talk to you."

Who Wrote This On September 15, 2001?

That we, the United States of America, are culpable in committing so many acts of terror and bloodshed that we had better get a clue about the culture of violence in which we have been active participants. I know it's a hard thing to hear right now, but if I and others don't say it, I fear we will soon be in a war that will do NOTHING to protect us from the next terrorist attack.
The full text of the letter is here.

That was Michael Moore four days after 3,000 human beings were murdered - basically, it's our fault that we got bombed. Amazingly, a few days later he wrote:

When we decide to help improve these billions of people’s lives, we will pull the rug out from under the terrorists who need those they send to their deaths to be poor and exploited and angry at us. The multi-millionaire bin Laden isn’t going to give up HIS life! When all the people in the Middle East have food on the table, a decent home, a good job, and democratic control over their own lives, who among them is going to be convinced to sacrifice his life by crashing himself into a tall office building?
Sounds like the Iraq plan, doesn't it?