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The Grim Reality Of War and Filmmaking

American Filmmaker, Michael Tucker, lived with the 2/3 Artillery Battalion (1st Armored Division). They are known as the Gunners and lived in Uday's palace. Mr. Tucker recorded their lives - the good AND the bad - for his film Gunner Palace (link is for the film's blog).

Some of it's not easy to stomach and some of it will break your heart. As most veterans will atest, there are many outlets for dealing with stress of combat operations. Music is a big outlet. One thing's for sure, this Quick Time Movie of a Soldier rapping about being an American Soldier in Iraq is kick ass. It's a 6.16 MB file so download it if you have a fast connection.

Also, there is Specialist Wilfenstein's rendition of the Star Spangled Banner atop a building in Baghdad while Little Birds are flying around him. Very Jimmi-esque, the Soldier rocks with sun setting behind him and AK-47 fire in the background.

If these videos and his blog are any indication, Mr. Tucker has an honest film that the Weinsteins would be better served to distribute instead of Fahrenheit 9/11. But then, no one in Hollywood is interested in the truth...