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The Good Of Abu Ghraib

I know it's hard to believe, but some of the fallout over the Abu Ghraib scandal might actually do the public some good.

Phil C. sends this article about government contractor CACI:

CACI faces potential debarment
BY Michael Hardy May 28, 2004

CACI International Inc. could be barred from future federal contracts, following revelations that Army officials hired prison interrogators for Iraq from CACI using a computer services contract that the Interior Department administered.

Now General Services Administration officials have requested additional information from company officials and could potentially debar the firm, CACI officials said....

One of the good things coming out of the Abu Ghraib scandal (aside from stopping the abuse) is that contractors (and their clients) are being scrutinized a lot more now than they ever were before. The fact that a computer consulting contract was used to hire prison interrogators is damning and ought to be examined thoroughly.