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Stupid Criminals - Identity Thief Picks Wrong Target

Just two years ago, I was a victim of identity theft. I am very careful with my personal information on-line. The computer that I use to balance my accounts isn't internet capable. I teach classes and seminars on information security and encryption. I figured that I would be the last guy to have his identity stolen.

But, somehow, a model citizen found enough information about me to try to open accounts at several banks and investment companies. The good folks at Merril Lynch caught it, reported it, and contacted me. They gave me a checklist of things to do to ensure that my name and credit record remain protected. Then, they followed up to make sure that I took the necessary steps to protect myself. Because of their quick actions, I never lost a dime and didn't have to go through years of trying to clear my credit record.

And I didn't even have an account with Merril Lynch. I do now.

So, these kind of stories catch my eye:

Identity Theft Victim Is Prosecutor

HOUSTON - If you're going to steal someone's identity to draw from their bank account, you might as well go for someone with a good job.

A woman with a history of fraud got the bank account number of Houston's chief prosecutor, and is now accused of writing hot checks...

Suffice it to say that this lady is going to get both barrels...