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Some Other D-Day and WWII Links

Just in the off chance that you may not have seen some of these other links, I thought I'd share them with you:

    First, if you don't read Steven Den Beste's USS Clueless every day, what the heck is wrong with you?! Sort of kidding...anyway, this post on a fantasy Bush D-Day Speech is an absolute must read. At this point, I'm all for bringing our heroes back home.

    Next, Bill at INDC Journal went to the WWII Memorial Dedication and has pictures and stories galore - here and here.

    The good bloggers of Silent Running are using WWII news clips and spinning them like the media would spin them today. It's one way to show media bias. Well done, SR bloggers, well done. The intro is here and the first post is Roosevelt's Continuing European Folly. Keep checking Silent Running for more liberal spin on President Roosevelt and our efforts in WWII.