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Some Great Mil Links Today

First, Drill Sergeant Rob has a great rant over at An American Soldier (thanks to Bryan H. for the link).

Next, Grim's Hall has an interesting post about religious fanatics killing teachers, monks, etc. in Southern Thailand. Yep, they are from the Religion of Peace (my ass!).

Sgt. Hook, yet again, puts up another great story of a real soldier (just doing his job) - Thanks for the Help.

Steve M. sends this link to the Army Times where there is a great story about the 1st Infantry Division fighting in Iraq. The story has video (it took me many tries to get it to work as it's very popular). Here's the opener to the story:

Troops kill 13 in fierce 12-hour firefight near Baqubah (Video)
By Gina Cavallaro and M. Scott Mahaskey - Times staff writers
BAQUBAH, Iraq — The panels above the doors on the up-armored Humvee are emblazoned with the words “rolling vengeance” and the inscription “R.I.P” is stenciled on the rear and sides of the truck next to the names of six soldiers killed in a month of fighting in the western Diyala province.

The truck belongs to Capt. Ty Johnson, commander of F Troop, 4th U.S. Cavalry, the Brigade Reconnaissance Troop for the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, and it has been at the scene of several violent engagements with a stubborn and well-armed insurgency...

More to follow...

Smash has a great post about the captured British sailors and the Iranian Maritime Terrorists. Here's a taste of it:

On the other hand, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), also known as the Pasdaran, is anything but courteous and professional. The Pasdaran navy consists of several hundred small vessels, ranging from speedboats armed with machine guns and rocket launchers, to fast corvettes armed with anti-ship missiles. The Pasdaran are considered “guardians of the revolution,” and report directly to Iran’s ruling mullahs.