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Sgt. Hook Needs Your Help!

Well, not really...he's an Army First Sergeant after all. BUT...

Sgt. Hook started Operation Shoe Fly where he is trying to get shoes for the children of Afghanistan. He gave out his name and unit address in order to expedite the matter. He recently received a packet of flyers that said:

    Hoping you and all US troops make it safely home by this November so you can personally help vote out the lying, greedy, cowardly, white-collar criminals who have caused idiotic, unjust wars and made our military chumps for Halliburton et al.

It was signed:

    Veterans for Impeaching Bush
    Buck Fush
    11525 S. Cleveland
    Fort Myers, FL 33907

Sgt. Hook sent a reply - of course, knowing him from blogging and email, his response was excellent. Since he is way too busy fighting this war and taking care of Afghan kids, I would like to find out more information about this group. "military chumps"?

So give me a hand. Once we locate the folks, we'll start a campaign to shame them.

In the meantime, you can email the editor of Buck Fush.

Here's what I sent:

I recently came to know about your organization at www.SgtHook.com. Sgt. Hook is an Army First Sergeant in Afghanistan and is trying to get shoes for Afghan children through Operation Shoe Fly - an operation that he started recently. Instead of kids shoes, he received demoralizing posters from your organization.

There was no person's name attached, just your organization as the sender.

You are all cowards of the first degree. What Veteran would be so sneaky as to try to demoralize an all-American soldier on the front line of the War on Terror, and, then, not give their name in which to receive a response? How do you really expect to effect change in a soldier if you aren't willing to put your ass on the line? Did you really learn nothing while in the military or are you a liar on top of being a coward?

Nope, liar and coward monikers are too good for you. You all are traitors. You are betraying the trust of this country by attempting to subvert and demoralize soldiers. Unfortunately for you, you tried it on a tough, ol' Army Top Dog. One who may try to find you when and if he makes it back to the states - to explain what the words support and defend really mean. Of course, that's after he's made sure that you are safe and secure, and that Afghan children are cared for...

Yes, I signed my name to it.

BTW, I vacation in Naples a few times per year so I'll be sure to visit them soon...maybe me and Hook can talk to them.

Update 9PM CST: Just received an email from the editor of Buck Fush. He writes that he didn't send the posters and that the senders are cowards. Again, it's probably some Indymedia, DemocratUnderground/BuzzFlash morons...