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The Attempt to Diminish a Legacy

John Hawkins at Right Wing News has a post about those (media, bloggers, etc.) who are taking pot shots at Ronald Reagan before he's even in the ground. Pawatwoop sent me the Ted Rall blog piece about Reagan. Ted Rall has the innate ability to make me dislike him more than Michael Moore (and that's tough to do, Ladies and Gentlemen). Russ at TacJammer has some words for Ted. (Ted's site is no longer accessible for some strange reason - but here's the Google cache of his blog if you want to read his drivel.)

A few days ago, I posted Ronald Reagan's last letter to the public. If that letter doesn't show the courage, optimism and class of the man, then I don't know what would...

No matter what these detractors do, they won't reduce the Legend of Reagan. Sure, the man had faults. He was not perfect and he made some bad decisions. I believe that Ronald Reagan was one of the best Presidents of the last century. He was a leader with moral clarity. He was a dreamer who believed in the potential for good in everyone - including Ted Rall.

When Ted Rall's ashes are scattered to the winds, no one will bother to care. So much for Ted's legacy.