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New Jersey - Tackling the Tough Issues

It's a scandal, I tell you! An OUTRAGE!

Men have been slighted by tavern owners for decades and it's time we did something about it. At least New Jersey is using their valuable resources appropriately in going after the bastards perpetrating this crime...

Ruling states New Jersey taverns may not offer 'ladies night' discounts
The Associated Press
The state's top civil rights official has ruled that taverns cannot offer discounts to women on "ladies nights," agreeing with a man who claimed such gender-based promotions discriminated against men.

David R. Gillespie said it was not fair for women to get into the Coastline nightclub for free and receive discounted drinks while men paid a $5 cover charge and full price for drinks...

In all seriousness, this IS discrimination...against men who want to meet women and women who want to meet men. This is probably the largest non-issue that tax-payer money has been wasted upon...

If David Gillespie is single-handely responsible for the drop in female customers on the night reserved for them, then Moose and Rocco ought to visit him to show him the error of his ways.

The best part about this story (and not in the above article) is that some women's rights groups are claiming that Ladies' Nights help balance the pay disparity between men and women. That's freakin' hilarious. I always just thought that a lot of women are cost conscious (ever see them divide up a tab? How do they fit calculators in those tiny purses?).

And, for once (meaning that it's only happened once), I am happy to be from a state that told the ACLU to stuff it. Illinois ruled that Ladies' Night does not discriminate against men...the judges were probably single.