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Navy Working In Fallujah

Here's one for the Sailors:

Seabees, Marines Work to Improve Iraqis' Lives

CAMP FALLUJAH, Iraq -- Navy Seabees recently began training young Iraqis through an innovative program called Iraqi Construction Apprentice Program.

The program teaches construction skills the Iraqis can take back to their communities to foster self-sufficiency and a more prosperous future.

Officials say the program, along with more than $100 million in contracts the Marines have awarded or are managing throughout western Iraq, will go a long way in helping to rebuild the country.

Much of the money is going toward improving water treatment plants, city infrastructure, roads and various other structures, including soccer stadiums, schools, and hospitals to improve stability and quality of life for the Iraqi people.

Officials said these contracts provide employment for hundreds of Iraqis.

Seabee operations in Iraq have helped clear rubble and rebuild infrastructure. More than 450 reservist Seabees - about 40 percent of the Seabees deployed in this area - are helping to carry out these operations.

I said before that, when Habib is too tired from working all day to pick up a rifle at night and try to get bounty money for killing Americans, and when Mrs. Habib doesn't want her gravy train to get killed, we will have made real progress towards peace in Iraq.

Looks like we're on the right track in Fallujah thanks to the Seabees, Marines, and Spirit of America.