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Movie Review - The Day After Tomorrow

Okay, hopefully this won't be a surprise to you - we're all gonna die....Really. But, if climatogical disaster of The Day After Tomorrow would occur, a lot more of us will die sooner rather than later.

Now, to be completely honest, I liked the movie a lot. But I like the over-the-top disaster movies and this one is definitely in that category. Aside from the liberal environmental preaching and overbearing cliches, it was pretty good.

It was directed by the same guy who directed Independence Day...remember the White House blowing up? This movie has more landmark destruction than just about any other movie I've seen.

Here's the synopsis: Dennis Quaid is the only major scientist that believes that the world is headed for another Ice Age in about one hundred to five hundred years. No one believes him, including a Vice President who, amazingly, looks like Dick Cheney. The arrogant VP essentially ignores Quaid's research because it'll affect the economy. You instantly dislike the VP.

So, Dennis Quaid is wrong (by about one hundred to five hundred years) and a worldwide disaster ensues a few weeks after his presentation to the G8. Tokyo gets basketball-sized hail, LA gets massive tornados, Australia gets the Mother-of-All-Typhoons, and New York gets the giant tidal wave. All of the climatic disasters are followed by a 150 degree drop in temperature. The last half an hour of the movie is about the survivors.

Some of the irksome things about this movie:

1. The US is evacuating the people in the disaster areas (um, that means the whole US) into Mexico. An announcer on Fox News says, "Mexico has closed the border in an effort to stop the refugees from getting across the border." The entire movie theatre laughed. Come on, liberal Hollywood, get some common sense. 'Mexico has closed the border'? Right!

2. There are a ton of cliche' actors in this movie. The producers must have looked up standard nationality characterizations in the Screen Play handbook. For example, Ian Holm is a British scientist who's band of merry Brits is doomed and they meet their fate stoicly with some twelve year scotch.

3. Note to Hollywood: We get that you think Dick Cheney is evil. Really. Stop making every evil, tree burning, corporate hugging VP look like Cheney.

4. Note to Hollywood 2: I appreciate that you took out the Hollywood sign with a tornado, but can we stop picking on New York? Please?

All in all, I liked the movie. The Day After Tomorrow was interesting - how people survived or died, what parts of the world were destroyed, what happened to the US...I'm still wondering how we are going to get the guys in the international space station back down to Earth.

One final observation from Mrs. Blackfive: Nerds in the movie survived by their wits, everyone else died. So, her advice to non-nerds is to marry a geek and increase your chances of surviving a ecological disaster.

It's probably safe to assume that a lot of blogosphere folks would make it.