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Iraq Video - Ohio National Guard on Patrol

For those of you with high bandwidth - cable modem, T-1, or DSL, here is official Army B-Roll video (Windows Media Player) of Ohio National Guard soldiers serving with the 1st Infantry Division on patrol in Eastern Iraq.

The soldiers are from 1-252 Armor, and the video was taken by Sergeant Kent Taylor of the 196th MPAD.

During the 8+ minutes of footage, you'll see the soldiers meet up with their Iraqi Civil Defense Corps counterparts, patrol through a village, test fire weapons, and patrol in the desert.

You'll never see this kind of stuff on the nightly news - especially, the look and feel of the village.

Update: Sometimes you'll get an error message. I got it a few times, too, before seeing the video. It should launch Media Player and start buffering the video. Too many connections are probably causing the error message: Could not log viewing session.Duplicate entry '127' for key 1