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The Blue State Blues - Illinois Republicans

I live in Illinois. It's tough for Republicans in Illinois. After decades, DECADES, of Republican Governors, we had a corrupt Republican administration with George Ryan and lost the governorship.

Senator Peter Fitzgerald - who beat Democrat Senator Carol Mosely Braun by spending $12 million of his own money - had decided not run for re-election. He wouldn't have won, anyway. Dry toast would have done better.

The Republican voters of Illinois made a bad decision. I blogged about the Primary in which Jack Ryan, another millionaire, won the nomination. State Senator Steven Rauschenberger is the smartest candidate - but then he's neither rich, nor charismatic. He's more like the best accountant you ever knew with a sense of humor.

Anyway, now Jack Ryan's divorce records have been made public. The Chicago Tribune editors decided to publish his divorce records in which he is accused by his ex-wife of trying to get her to have sex with him in various sex clubs in New York, New Orleans, and in Paris. His ex-wife is Jeri Ryan of Seven-Of-Nine fame from Star Trek Voyager and lately of Boston Public. It's ugly. Spoons and Donnie have some opinions about it.

Ryan's competitor is Barrak Obama - a charismatic guy who was light years ahead of Ryan in the polls BEFORE this all came out. Now it's definitely a foregone conclusion. No need for debates now. The best thing that Jack Ryan could do would be to step down and let someone else run against Obama.

The other guys (who lost the Republican Primary to Ryan) are millionaires who, at best, are nothing to write home about...they are sure to lose and haven't been scrutinized too closely by the media (meaning that we don't know what skeletons remain out there). So what the hell should Illinois Republicans do?

Either find someone quick to get in the race or vote for Obama. Find someone with instant name recognition. Someone who will force debates and thought about the race. Someone who offers a choice to Illinois voters.

Hello? Calling Jim Thompson...