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If Only I Lived In New Jersey...

Remember Eric Bumrich? Yeah, that guy - the one who made commercials for Dennis Tin-Foil-Hat Kucinich. His latest stunt is to hold a party to denigrate the passing of Ronald Reagan. It's by invitation and I'll be surprised if anyone actually shows up - if only I lived in New Jersey. Here's what Bumrich wrote:

    ...Friday will be the day they finally toss Reagan's lifeless corpse into the ground- traditionally- this will be a day of national mourning. I would like to counter this, with an evening of national celebration.

    I invite everyone who can come, to Tierney's Tavern, at 106 Watchung Avenue, Montclair, New Jersey, at 10:00 PM, to spend an evening celebrating the departure of one of the 20th century's most infamous, destructive, and heartless criminals to the stygian depths of hell.

For some reason, I hear Admiral Akbar yelling, "It's a trap!". I don't know if that place even exists. Bumrich wants people to email him to RSVP.

Anyway, I absolutely do not condone violence so don't go wasting your time trying to give Bumrich a blackeye. If you're in Jersey and you want to really piss him off, it would be interesting to organize a counter-Bumrich party at the same place to celebrate the life of Ronald Reagan - that would really set that guy off.

Oh, BTW, it's radical, left-wing knuckleheads like Bumrich that give liberals a maligned name. The same kind of people that Annika has posted about...

[Thanks to Eric S. for sending the info]