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Hostage Beheaded

Sad, sad news. According to the AP, via ABC News:

U.S. Hostage Beheaded, Terror Group Says American Hostage Paul Johnson Has Been Beheaded, al-Qaida Group and Arab TV Network Report

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia June 18, 2004 — The al-Qaida group that kidnapped American Paul M. Johnson Jr. said in an online statement Friday that it had killed the hostage, and posted three still photographs of his beheaded body.

"In answer to what we promised ... to kill the hostage Paul Marshall after the period is over ... the infidel got his fair treatment. ... Let him taste something from what Muslims tasted who were long reached by Apache helicopter fire and missiles," the statement said.

Johnson, 49, worked on targeting and night vision systems for Apache helicopters.

"We, God willing, will continue our road to fight the enemies of God," the statement said.

A Saudi senior security official, reached by The Associated Press, said: "We have so far nothing on this."

In Washington, a CIA official said the agency was not able to immediately confirm the report of Johnson's beheading.

Johnson was kidnapped last weekend by militants who threatened to kill him by Friday if the kingdom did not release its al-Qaida prisoner.

Two things:

1. Pray for the Johnson family and all those who have suffered because of Islamofascism.

2. Tell your Congressman that we need more Apache Longbows built and sent overseas...