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Help the Wounded At Landstuhl


Greyhawk recently sent this email:


June 30 and July 4th approach, and as many of us enjoy cookouts with family in the backyard, it might be a good time to remind everyone of those who sacrificed much and won't be home for fireworks this year.
Soldiers Angels is focusing some efforts to get food and beverages to the wounded at Landstuhl, not just for the 4th but for every day. Those of you who've had to rely on military chow halls for 3 squares a day know
they're efficient, but also know the benefits of "something extra" - and those things aren't always readily available to the folks on their backs in the wards. I'm told that the need is particularly acute right now
- ironic that the success of these peoples efforts is slowly being realized.

Soldiers Angels is working with folks on site - mostly spouses of troops and German/American friendship club members (ie locals, you know, the Germans who hate us so much for our immoral war {note to slow: tongue in cheek}) to provide some of those sorts of things. They don't have a specific "buy snacks for the wounded" program but could certainly use more support.

...I think this especially a good time as the turnover of power that these good people made possible followed by America's celebration of independence make great opportunities to thank them for what they've given.

I know we've done this sort of thing many times, but the wounded troops are one group we haven't really had a big coordinated effort for, and I can't think of a better cause. Or a better time....

On leave in America

So click on the link above to send care packages to Landstuhl (the address is direct to the Chaplain of the hospital and shipping via Post Office will be from your location to NY) or to donate to Soldiers' Angels.

Update: I just donated $30 via paypal. Can anyone do better?