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Media Bias - Spinning The Good News Into Bad

Stephen Green, the Vodkapundit, was probably first to post about Special Forces soldiers rescuing hostages in Iraq. Still no word about Private Maupin.

Here's a related article that made me think about the media spin...notice the title and sub-title (never mind the reporter's name):

European Hostages Rescued In Iraq
Scattered Blasts Kill Civilians, 7 Troops

By Jackie Spinner
Washington Post Staff Writer

U.S.-led forces freed three Italian security contractors and a Polish businessman held captive at a hideout south of Baghdad on Tuesday, U.S. officials said. It was the first known military operation aimed at rescuing civilian hostages since insurgents began targeting foreigners for kidnapping in mid-April.

A new round of car bomb attacks on Tuesday killed at least 11 Iraqis and a U.S. soldier, the military said. In a separate incident, the Associated Press reported that six European soldiers -- two Poles, three Slovaks and a Latvian -- were killed when munitions they were carrying on a truck exploded on a road south of Baghdad.
This is a great day for the released hostages, for the families, for Italy, for all of us," said Gianludovico de Martino, Italy's ambassador to Iraq.

Adam Wielgosz of Poland called the rescue a "very, very good example of the cooperation in the fight of terrorism also here in Iraq."...

Don't you hate it when the media puts the good news with the bad news? We have a success underlined with a defeat - that happens a lot. Start looking for it and I'm sure you'll see a lot more.

How come we never see it the other way around? - with the titles and sub-titles like these:

    Abu Ghraib Scandal Affects Chain of Command
    Army rebuilds ten Baghdad schools and hires one thousand Iraqis

I think we all know why...