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Fear and Evil

There's quite a lot of linking to a few sites discussing the South Korean man being held hostage by Al Qaeda in Iraq. He has a few hours before they will, more than likely, behead him.

I watched the whole video tape of his pleas for his life.

I watched Kim Sun-il scream that he doesn't want to die. I watched him, frightened, alone, begging for his life. My stomach was in knots watching him. My throat dry, my fists clenched.

I watched because I want to remember. I want to remember Kim Sun-Il.

So, bloggers are comparing Mr. Sun-Il's plight to Fabrizio Quattrocchi's murder. I don't think that it's fair or correct. Two different men from different backgrounds (Quattrocchi was a former commando). Two different situations. Who's to say anyone would act differently - heroic or fearful.

No, the man is no Quattrocchi. No Paul Johnson. He's Kim Sun-Il and he's going to be murdered because Al Qaeda can kill him. Because they are cowards, because they are evil...

I watched Kim Sun-Il plead for his life because it steels my belief that they all must be avenged a thousand-fold.

Update: Emil J. asks me what should South Korea do?

Emil, South Korea should double the number of troops they are sending and include some ROK Marines. I've spent some time training with ROK Marines and they are tough and professional.

Update 8:45PM CST: No word yet. It's now past the deadline. The smartest and most humane thing that Al Qaeda could do would be to let him go.

Update 9AM CST 06-22-04: Iraqi Abductors Extend S. Korean Hostage Deadline, Yonhap Says

Update 12:45 CST 06-22-04: The Wash Post is reporting that the South Korean, Kim Sun-Il, was murdered. His body was found not long ago (5:20pm Baghdad time). Damn, just damn them all to hell...