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Fahrenheit 411

Normally, I wouldn't go where Christopher Hitchens has already slashed and burned...

The Chicago Red Streak, which is the left-winger, pseudo-hipster version of the Chicago Sun-Times, ran this story today that is quite even-keeled about Michael Moore and his new movie. Here are some parts of the article:

Fahrenheit 9/11: Are facts left out in cold?

Michael Moore's new film, "Fahrenheit 9/11" is part documentary and part indictment. It's a furious, often funny, attack on President Bush and the war in Iraq.

Moore, accused of playing loose with the facts in "Bowling For Columbine" and "Roger and Me," says he bent over backward to get the smallest details right this time. But critics of the film, which opened on Friday, are finding plenty to complain about.
Nonetheless, many viewers will leave the theater with the impression the Saudis, thanks to special treatment from the White House, were permitted to fly away when all other planes were grounded. This false impression is created by Moore's failure, when mentioning Sept. 13, to emphasize that the ban on flights had been eased. The false impression is further pushed when Moore shows singer Ricky Martin walking around an airport and says, "Even Ricky Martin couldn't fly."
But the movie fails to mention that the FBI interviewed about 30 of the Saudis before they left. And the independent 9/11 commission has reported that "each of the flights we have studied was investigated by the FBI and dealt with in a professional manner prior to its departure."
In Dec. 1997, a delegation from Afghanistan's ruling and ruthless Taliban visited the United States to meet with an oil and gas company with extensive dealings in Texas. Unocal was interested in building a natural gas line through Afghanistan. Moore implies Bush, then governor of Texas, met with the delegation.

But, as the Gannett News Service points out, Bush did not meet with the Taliban reps. What's more, Clinton administration officials did sit down with Taliban officials, and the visit was made with the Clinton administration's permission.

There's a lot more spelled out in plain english that examines the factual and spun parts of Michael Moore's movie.