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Chalupas Don't Kill People, People Kill People!

It's time we had a law to regulate the illegal ownership and use of Chalupas...

Man Charged With Chalupa Assault

DES MOINES, Iowa - A man who claimed he didn't get the taco he paid for has been charged with assault for allegedly pelting a Taco Bell clerk in the face with a chalupa.

Nancy Harrison told police she was working the drive-through Thursday night when Christopher Lame, 24, ordered some food.

He later came into the store, complaining he didn't get the taco he had ordered, police records say. Harrison said that when she asked for a receipt, he went back to his car and brought back the bag.

Harrison said she told him the store was closing, and as she turned away, a chalupa hit her in the face near her right eye. She said she ran into the parking lot and took down the license number as the motorist was driving away...

Okay, it's time we put a stop to the insanity and illegalize the use of Chalupas - there's no reason for a reasonable person to have a Chalupa in their car or their home for anything other than dinner. I also heard a rumor that Colt was going to make an automatic Chalupa slapper. What reason would you have to own one of those except to slap people with Chalupas?!

I also blame violent video games for this, too (I heard Rock Star Games was going to come out with Chalupa Slapper where you rack up points for style and velocity when slapping innocent civilians with Chalupas).

If we don't make a stand against the illegal use of Chalupas, who will?

Update: Per Teresa, I just registered and received my COID - Chalupa Owner's ID (click picture for bigger image).