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Al Qaeda Claims to Have a Marine Hostage

There is no confirmation yet as to the veracity of the claim as of 4:45PM CST. Fox News is reporting that the Marine may have been lured out of his camp by Al Qaeda.

Captors Say Marine, Pakistani Held in Iraq
By CHRIS TOMLINSON, Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Arab television broadcast videotape Sunday of two hostages said to be of Pakistani origin, one of them a blindfolded U.S. Marine militants claimed to have lured from his base and taken captive. Insurgents threatened to behead them both...

Update 7PM CST:

AP updated the above story: ...The U.S. military confirmed that a Marine named Wassef Ali Hassoun had been missing from his unit for nearly a week. It said it was unclear if he had been taken hostage, but Hassoun's name was on a Marine "active duty" identification card shown by militants in the videotape aired by the Al-Jazeera network....
Marine Corporal Hassoun may be from Utah.

Update 06-28-04: Update from Atlanta TV WSB.

Military: Kidnapped Marine May Have Been Going To Lebanon

Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt said the military is working under the assumption that the Marine has been kidnapped -- but he indicates that hasn't been confirmed.

Kimmitt said the Marine had gone on an "unauthorized absence" around June 21 -- and that officials suspect he may have been heading to Lebanon. The general didn't give more details...