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Who Supports the Military, Now?

With all of the anti-American B.S. coming from Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, and many others, let's see what some people in the music industry are doing to support the military in this fight on terror. Who supports the military, now?

They do:

Blink 182 (one of my favorites for ten years) did a set on the Nimitz.

Linkin Park recently donated $75,000 to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Wynonna Judd played for the troops and has been honored for many things, among them being a USO Troupe member since 1987. The articles hint that Wynonna does much more Under the Radar than is known.

The Charlie Daniels' Band, on invitation from some Tennessee Soldiers (talk about Volunteers!), played for the military in Germany and Kosovo.

Gary Sinise visited the wounded at Walter Reed AND took his band, the Lt. Dan Band, on the USO Tour.

These were some of the most recent articles on musicians that I could find. I am sure that there are many, many more - like USO tour entertainers Toby Keith, Travis Tritt, Henry Rollins, Joan Jett, Tito Puente, Jessica Simpson, Deana Carter, Ozzy Osbourne, Diamond Rio and Bruce Willis and the Accelerators.