Happy Birthday Bob Hope!!!
Iraqis Honor The Fallen of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Washington Post Endorses...

...John Kerry. But it's not what I'd call a "ringing endorsement".

Mr. Kerry on Security
...The emerging Kerry platform suggests that ultimately he would adopt many of the same goals as Mr. Bush. In his latest speech he rightly warned of the terrible consequences of failure in Iraq and, like Mr. Bush, embraced elections and the training of Iraqi security forces as the best way forward. His proposal for a U.N. high commissioner represents a slight upgrade on the deference already given by the White House to U.N. representative Lakhdar Brahimi; his call for a NATO-led military mission already has been aggressively pursued by the Bush administration, with poor results. There are, in fact, few responsible alternatives to the administration's course. Mr. Kerry's argument is that he has a better chance of making it work. It's not a bold offer to voters -- but it's probably the right one.
The Washington Post sees this election as a twenty-inning baseball game. For the first few extra innings, it's exciting. Every pitch is watched, every swing is analyzed.

Eventually, though, the tie is not resolved, it becomes boring and you lose interest. You just want the damn thing to be over.