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Ugly Americans

I have received a lot of emails asking about my opinion on the Prisoner Abuse Issue.

1. The MP's were wrong for what they did and should be punished. If deaths are attributed to this scandal, then those involved should be severely punished (talking Life in Leavenworth).
2. The fact that the leadership is stating that they didn't know what was going on is (1) either a lie or (2) they are the most inept leaders ever commissioned in the Army. You don't make General by being a complete idiot. Therefore, I think this is a case of CYA and it disgusts me. And the fact that no Officer knew what was happening is a complete lie. Ask any MP out there.
3. Rumsfeld and General Schoomaker need to kick some serious Army ass over this.
4. A reader, and former MP, sent me comments made by Rush Limbaugh. No offense to Rush fans, but he has no bearing on this at all. "Blowing off steam" is no excuse in the military. The military is supposed to be disciplined and motivated, not "blowing off steam" by abusing prisoners. Rush seems to have no clue about this.

Baldilocks (as usual) has a really great post about this. I read it yesterday and thought that I didn't need to add anything to it as she had it well covered - including comparisons to LTC West. Go read it here.