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Seven Years

Tomorrow is the Seventh Anniversary of my marriage to Mrs. Blackfive. It's also Memorial Day so we are celebrating our Anniversary today because tomorrow is for remembering the ultimate sacrifices made by our men and women to keep us free.

To say that the last seven years have been a whirlwind would be an understatement.

Fate had a lot to do with our meeting. Our friends had been trying to set us up for months. My friends knew of "the perfect girl" for me. Ladies and Gentlemen, if that isn't a signal to run and hide, then I don't know what is. I enjoyed being a bachelor and had been unattached for awhile.

Her friends were telling her that I was "the man for her". She is very independent and avoided me like the plague.

Every time that I suspected that my friends were trying to get us together at a party or event, I wouldn't show up. This strategy worked for about six months.

On the return from a vacation with my friends (we were still at O'Hare Airport), I received a call about a party and we decided to go. I was so relaxed from diving in the Caymans that I neglected to check if "that girl" was going to be there.

Later that night, I was at the bar making a Bombay Sapphire Martini when this angel walked up. She was smiling and she lit up the room. She mentioned that Bombay Sapphire was her favorite gin. So I made her one of my patented "Nick and Nora" Martinis. She's the first girl that I ever met that knew who the hell Nick and Nora were.

We talked for about two minutes when each of us realized that we were "the perfect girl" and "the man for her" - that each of us were standing in front of the very person that we were trying to avoid for six months. We spent the next few hours talking about everything. She was a beautiful Southern Belle who had the best laugh I had ever heard - I wanted to spend the rest of my life hearing those laughs.

There is no way that I can describe what I felt except that it was the most overwhelming and consuming emotion I had ever experienced. It was obvious that the same thing was happening to her.

Our first date was set for New Year's Eve. Our first kiss was at Midnight. I couldn't sleep for two days afterward.

I asked her to marry me four months later, and the next eight years were, to put it simply, phenomenal.

She's the best thing that ever happened to me.

Happy Anniversary, Darling!