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The Saudi Abassador to Britain recently said that the US was after Iraqi Oil. This guy was the former head of Saudi Intelligence and a reason that Al Qaeda received financing from Saudi Arabia. He also called Yasser Arafat a living martyr. There are a lot of reasons for importing Oil from Iraq. One major reason being that it reduces our dependence on the SOBs from Saudi Arabia and will put money in the hands of the new Iraqi government.

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Here, according to the Department of Energy, is where America gets it's oil (monthly supply - data from February 2004)...In February of 2004, over 357,539,000 barrels of oil and oil products were imported into the United States. We produce about half of what we use.

The Largest (Import) Suppliers of Oil were:
Canada 17%
Mexico 13%
Venezuela 12.4%
Saudi Arabia 11%
Iraq 5%

While the Iraq volume might seem to be quite large, I must point out that we used to purchase more petroleum products from Russia...who bought the barrels from Saddam. The more oil that we PURCHASE from Iraq, the less we will have to spend on Saudia Arabia and others. OPEC will try to curtail that, of course, but, if we get the Iraqi government to form a citizen owned oil authority (like Kuwait), the Iraqis will benefit greatly (schools, food, living conditions, etc.).

This is a short-term solution to our oil woes as the real culprit to oil prices is that the demand for oil in China and India is growing. The US will need to produce more and more of it's own oil in order to keep it's prices down. Otherwise, world demand will continue to dictate the price of a gallon of gas.

Actual barrels are shown by country in the Extended Section.

Total Oil and Oil Products Imported for February 2004 (thousands of barrels):

Arab OPEC 71,795
Algeria 10,949
Iraq 18,725
Kuwait 2,681
Saudi Arabia 39,440

Other OPEC 79,431
Indonesia 1,371
Nigeria 3,455
Venezuela 44,340

Non OPEC 206,313
Angola 7,929
Argentina 3,167
Australia 653
Bahamas 598
Belgium 3,069
Brazil 3,025
Brunei 734
Cameroon 947
Canada 60,528
China, People's Republic of 1,347
Colombia 2,879
Congo (Brazzaville) 361
Congo (Kinshasa)(d) 350
Denmark 1,096
Ecuador 6,468
France 1,194
Gabon 4,714
Guatemala 647
India 697
Italy 710
Ivory Coast 302
Japan 323
Mexico 44,698
Netherlands 3,495
Netherlands Antilles 4,425
Norway 7,314
Peru 168
Russia 5,347
Singapore 333
Spain 421
Sweden 1,351
Syria 232
Trinidad and Tobago 3,571
Turkey 67
United Kingdom 11,146
Virgin Islands, U.S. 8,083
Other 13,924
Total 357,539