Marine Letter From Fallujah About Great Americans
Armed Forces Day - Saturday, May 15th

More Marines Than Army

A lot of you have emailed me with questions about the change from mostly Army to mostly Marine stories. There are a few good reasons for this:

1. The Marines have taken over the responsibilities of the 82nd Airborne, and, since the invasion, haven't had as big of a footprint in Iraq and Afghanistan until recently.

2. The Marine Corps families are the best intelligence network in the world. Between a few spouses, parents, siblings and friends, they can easily figure out what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. Once I was identified as "one of the good guys", my In-Box is full of information. I post about 5% of what I receive. Some of it doesn't get posted because, as a former Intel Officer, I know what's okay and what's not okay to publish. Some of it is too personal and some of it is speculatory.

3. The Army recently put out a policy letter banning a lot of communication to non-military sources. This was before the Abu Ghraid incident (meaning it's only going to get worse). So, a lot of my sources only send something once in awhile, and they are very concerned about being identified.

So there you have it.