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Marine Jeremy Duncan - Someone You Should Know

Diane from San Antonio sends this story about a real friend and hero - Marine Jeremy Duncan.

Marine to Donate Kidney Before Going Back to Iraq
LAST UPDATE: 5/14/2004 10:49:11 PM
Posted By: Walker Robinson

A U.S. Marine from San Antonio is showing off his love for his country and his love for a best friend.

Jeremy Duncan returned from Iraq last June and will go back this August, but he will be giving new life here at home. He will be donating a kidney. Duncan and Jason Tully have been inseparable since the sixth grade.

"We always hung out together," Ducan said of Tully, "For some reason we always hung out together."

After both graduated high school, Duncan joined the Marines, but Tully could not. His health held him back.

Tully has been fighting kidney disease his entire life. Doctors removed both of his kidneys last year.

Tully struggles through dialysis three days a week.

"You sit there for four hours while your bloods taken out, cleaned and put back in," Tully said. The average wait for a kidney is about three years, but when Duncan's tour in Iraq ended, so did Tully's battle with his health.

Duncan and Tully are a perfect match. Next week, doctors will remove one of Duncan's kidneys and give it to his best friend.

Duncan is stationed in San Diego, California. He will fly back after he recovers and leave for Iraq again in a few months.

Wow! That's it, just wow!