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Kerry Looks For Veteran Support

[Blackfive note: I normally don't mini-Fisk but this is just too damn easy...]

Sorry Senator, but as the saying goes "That Dog Won't Hunt".

Kerry castigates Bush on veterans
Candidate says budget cuts hurt active military, too
By Glen Johnson, Globe Staff | May 29, 2004

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Returning to a strategy that helped resurrect his primary campaign, John F. Kerry is once again surrounding himself with veterans, as he challenges President Bush on national security grounds and pledges better treatment for active-duty and retired members of the military should he win the White House.

When John Kerry pledges better treatment of veterans, he probably means he won't make blanket statements accusing them all of war crimes.

The presumptive Democratic nominee, on the eve of the Memorial Day weekend, yesterday stood before the train from which Dwight D. Eisenhower commanded allied troops in World War II, and castigated the Bush administration for what he called a rush into war in Iraq, the mistreatment of military commanders, and the consideration of a $910 million cut in next year's Veterans Administration budget.
First of all, 'mistreatment of military commanders' makes you wonder what that's about doesn't it. It's about the firing of a bunch of General Eric Shinseki's cronies once the General some cases, General Officers were demoted before retirement. They were forced to leave the military for CAUSE. These are the geniuses who decided that, in order to improve morale in the Army, every soldier should wear the black beret - the headgear of the Army Rangers. There was a lot of negligence in the Acquisition Corps during Shinseki's watch. The rub of all of this is that John Kerry wouldn't give a rat's ass about those generals except for the fact that Donald Rumsfeld cleaned house and replaced them. That whole incident happened more than a year ago, when General Peter Schoomaker was brought out of retirement to be the Army Chief. Where was the outrage then?

As for the 'rush into war in Iraq', take a look back at the efforts of Colin Powell and the administration trying to get the United Nations to enforce it's own resolutions. Then, look at our representatives authorizing the use of force in Iraq.

I don't know about the $910 million cut. It might have been something that was programmed long ago. I haven't seen anything or found anything new about a billion dollar VA cut.

...The Globe asked the Kerry campaign for documentation supporting the senator's contentions, and a campaign spokeswoman cited a study portraying the administration's budget requests as falling short of what the VA needs.
So, even the Globe doesn't know what the heck he's talking about...

The Boston Globe article also talks about Kerry's attempts to lure Republican veterans over to his campaign. It's an interesting read.

Update: The Washington Post has a similar article, but calls out the Senator:

...Kerry repeated his charge that Bush under-funded veterans programs by $1.8 billion. Bush has in fact increased the department's budget, though not nearly as much as Kerry and veterans groups have sought. Over the course of his administration, Bush, along with Congress, has increased the agency's discretionary spending -- programs not mandated by law -- by about $7 billion, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs...
This guy is going to get his clock cleaned if he keeps making [email protected] up. Next, we'll hear that he said that Bush increased funding before he said that Bush decreased funding.