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Senator Kennedy is going to be heading the list of persona-non-grata at the entrance to John Kerry's Bastille Day Party this summer. If this blowhard keeps on attacking the President, America, and our military with such inane rhetoric, he'll be sure to hammer the last nail in Kerry's unelectable coffin.

In all seriousness, Senator Kennedy equated the US Armed Forces to those of Saddam.

We await his apology.

Either he's off his meds or he's on them. I tend to forget what he's taking these days...formaldehyde? At any rate, he's a "miserable vomitous mass" (gratuitous "Princess Bride" quote) who needs to apologize to those who defend this nation.

Update: Joel Scarborough on MSNBC just called Kennedy a "Jackass!" at 9:25PM CST.