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Evil and Cowardice

A reader alerted me to this posting on Indymedia:

Adopt a Soldier - Stop the War
author: jimmy
Write a letter to a soldier to let him/her know what people really think of this war. Send a photo of a dead Iraqi civilian. Send a photo or message about an anti-war protest.

I found this organization Soldiers Angels maybe there are others. Outreach to soldiers is the best way to persuade them to stop killing civilians. Maybe they will even begin fragging (killing their officers) like in Vietnam. It's worth a try. At least send your newly adopted soldier some real news instead of the Stars and Stripes propaganda they hear 24/7.

Here's a suggestion: Make nice the first time you contact your soldier. Then send anti-war information or whatever. Once you have the address/name and build a relationship your mail will get through. The first time it may not if it's clearly anti-war that's why it might work best to make nice at first.

So, IndyMedia is open for any freak that wants to post and this idiot is getting a lot of attention - probably more than he got from his parents. I can't think of anything more horrendous than using an organization like Soldiers' Angels - an organization dedicated to supporting our service men and women with love and caring - to cause our military to be less effective and encourage murder.

I would suggest that we all email the editor of IndyMedia and suggest that he/she block this jimmy character from posting this kind of violent rhetoric.

Here is the information you need to send:

Post Author: jimmy
Post Date: 27 April 14:17
Post URL:

I would post an example but our emails may get filtered if we use the same subject and text. A few thousand emails should do the trick.

Spread the word!

Update 05-04-04: Here is who supports IndyMedia. One hint: Her initials are Teresa Heinz Kerry. ;->