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Donald Rumsfeld

Victor Davis Hanson has an extraordinary editorial today at NRO. Everyone is linking to it. They should.

Hugh Hewitt wrote this morning: Read every word. Send it to twenty friends. Every blogger who is a friend of freedom should post it prominently.

Some of you don't support Secretary Rumsfeld. I do and I have from the beginning. One of the first signs of Donald Rumsfeld's competence that I witnessed was his pulling General Peter Schoomaker out of retirement to be the Chief of Staff of the Army. The next was his firing of quite a few Generals (which resulted in demotions for some). Or even when the Pentagon was hit during 9/11...a good friend of mine witnessed the Secretary helping with the wounded. By all rights, the Secretary of Defense should have been whisked away, but he stayed to help.

He has his faults, certainly. I think about fate at times like these. During the 2000 primaries, I volunteered on McCain's campaign. Although I would walk through hell with a can of gas for his father, I was no fan of George W. Bush. But like many Americans, 9/11 changed how I look at the President (and his Cabinet).

Who would be better to lead us in War than George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld?