Marines and Iraqis Fighting Side by Side
It's About The Oil

Cannes Doesn't Have An Electoral Vote

    "I want to make sure, if I do nothing else this year is to make sure that those people who died in Iraq have not died in vain." - Michael Moore

Those who have died in Iraq will have died in vain if Moore has anything to do with it. And talk about War Profiteering, Michael Moore is trying to get richer than a Columbian drug lord by selling his ware to an audience in withdrawl over a lost election.

So the French gave Michael Moore an award - a prestigous award - for his film "Fahrenheit 9/11". I haven't seen the movie, but, based on his other movies, it is probably a mix of fact and fiction that is spun to suit his political views. I'll be disappointed when it is distributed here.

I thought Documentaries were supposed to be non-fiction.

Anyway, Joe Ham has a picture of Michael Moore's expression of joy at winning the award (not suitable if you haven't had lunch yet).