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About Nick Berg - A Message from Italy

I've been corresponding with a reader from Italy for the last few months - my post titled "One Last Act" is what brought us together (he sent me a thank you message). Hadn't heard from him in awhile - until Nick Berg was murdered. He sends his condolences to our country through this site (he's a web master for a large media outlet). His name is Edoardo. I thought that you should read it:

Subject: Nick Berg

My english is not that good to express all my feelings, that's why i just feel to say " i am sorry, you must be strong, but you also must know you are not alone!"

Please accept my best wishes
An Italian friend

Ringraziamenti, Edoardo! Il vostro inglese è perfetto e il vostro messaggio è importante affinchè l'America si senta.

Thanks, Edoardo. Your English is perfect and your message is important for America to hear.