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What's the Difference?

...if I went to Senator Kerry's House and threw my ribbons over his fence or I threw my medals over his fence. Medals or Ribbons?

There isn't any difference. Whether they were his Purple Hearts or his Service Ribbon makes no difference.

Does it matter if he threw a few ribbons or nine medals? Not a bit.

What does matter is that he threw his AWARDS over the fence and he is having a devil of a time explaining it consistently. For someone who wants to be the President of the United States, being able to clearly explain something as simple as throwing something over a fence should be relatively easy to do. Shouldn't it?

To me, what the throwing of his (insert one here - medals or ribbons) symbolizes is that he must believe that his actions to earn those (insert one here - medals or ribbons) were not warranted or were not valued. Read the citations he received. And ask yourself this:

    If you did the things that John Kerry did in order to save his men in battle, would you throw those momentos in protest?

    What does that say about what he thinks he was doing in Viet Nam?

    If you were one of his men, how would that make you feel to see your commander throw his awards away in disregard?